Job Spotlight! Caitlin Njogu RN, Hospice Nurse and Certified Wellness Coach

Can you tell us how you started your nursing journey?

I started in healthcare for one simple reason. I wanted to help people! My mom passed away of colon cancer when I was 14. I will never forget the nurse that took the time to talk with me and ask how I was doing. It left a strong imprint on my soul, and I always knew I wanted to be that person for someone else.
I started off as a CNA, then became an LPN and eventually an RN. I’ve worked in many different areas including Med/Surg, Post-op, Home Health and the longest being Hospice. After working in Hospice for many years, I realized what I loved most was the psycho-social aspect of nursing. The connection. Around this time, I was also going through my own life transition (aka divorce and becoming a single mom) and dove into the Wellness realm. It all came together, and it started feeling like I needed to take a step in a new direction. That is how New Beginnings Wellness Coaching started! 

What is your everyday nursing role?

I work part-time in Hospice in an admin role, but I will be transitioning to PRN at the end of January to go full-time into my Coaching business. 

Are you a certified wellness coach?

I am a Certified Wellness Coach and received my certification through Catalyst Coaching Institute out of Colorado. I did a portion online and then traveled there for an intensive in-person portion. 

What is a wellness coach, and how does your RN play a part in that role?

A Wellness Coach works one-on-one or with a group of people needing to make changes (weight loss, job change, decreasing stress/anxiety, feeling a lack of direction, etc) in their life or a transition but are having difficulty moving forward. The difficulties are due to various barriers such as mindset, everyday challenges, lack of knowledge and overwhelm. A Coach helps them form an individualized action plan, provides support and education and holds them accountable. In my position, as a private Coach, I do not direct clients in any clinical matters (I have to bite my tongue often!) and refer them to their medical team. However, I can help them work through the various blocks they have regarding their care and personalize a success plan. Working in healthcare for so long has provided me the opportunity to manage, educate, listen, support and utilize strong communication skills. These tools are the building blocks for my business and also how I help my clients! 

What advice do you give to nurses when they are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out?

Besides getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and practicing mindfulness, advice that I would give to nurses who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out in their current roles is to get to know themselves more. I know that as nurses, we’re born caretakers. So, we put everyone else’s needs above our own. From patients to our family (I mean, who hasn’t been so busy you didn’t go to the bathroom or eat for 8 hours?!). After years of this, we can wake up one day and be completely disconnected from ourselves and not even know what we need to fill our cup back up. Yes, mani/pedi’s and massages are amazing! But, it’s short term relief. Maybe decreasing negative feelings during the day is as simple as taking 5 minute breaks to focus on breathing, bringing already made snacks to avoid crashing, going on a walk or seeking out a trusted friend or coworker to talk to. Or, maybe it’s time for an environment change?  The feelings may even be originating outside of work- unhealthy relationships, financial issues, a health scare, family drama, etc. Sometimes we have no idea, until we take a step back and get quiet and listen… to ourselves 😉 

How can we get in contact with you for more information on your wellness coaching or even just to connect?

Caitlin Njogu IG-@caitlinnjogu FB-New Beginnings Wellness Coaching

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