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Job Spotlight! Seabrin Jensen-Perinatal Outreach Supervisor

Tell us about your nursing journey and how you got started!

I graduated from Park University in 2012 with my ADN and my first job out of school was at Overland Park Regional Medical Center (OPRMC) as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I worked nights and swing shift for almost five years and loved it. In 2016, an opportunity was presented to create a Maternity Navigator program for OPRMC and I happily started the new adventure. Another nurse and and I were able to create a program, unlike any other in the community, to help women throughout their pregnancy. This is the position that led me to becoming a Perinatal Outreach Supervisor.

As a navigator how did you help these pregnant women? Can you describe what your work day was like?

We provided all of our patients with our direct work cell phone number in order for them to call or text us with questions or concerns but always advised them to contact their provider for medical advice. The goal of the program was to help educate, empower, and guide these women throughout their pregnancy. To get away from Pinterest picture of what labor and delivery is “supposed” to be and more toward what is important to them. Every woman is unique and we think her delivery experience should be too. We did meet with women who weren’t pregnant but looking to establish care with a provider. We would provide information about all our providers that deliver at OPRMC and help them set up meetings with those that they were interested in. The Maternity Navigator program was warmly welcomed by patients, providers, and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to help these women during their pregnancy. While working as a Navigator, I started my ADN-MSN program at Research College of Nursing in the Executive Practice in Healthcare Leadership track in 2017, with an anticipated graduation date of December of 2020.

Now you are the Perinatal Outreach Supervisor, how did this come about?

In 2018, I was presented with an opportunity to create a new program for OPRMC, the Perinatal Outreach Program. In April of 2018, I accepted this position and once again, started a new adventure at OPRMC at the Maternal Fetal Health Center. I designed this program to go into the community and connect with Labor and Delivery Directors and Educators to find out what type of educational needs their nurses would benefit from.

What exactly does a Perinatal Outreach Supervisor do?

I travel to different hospitals throughout Kansas and Missouri, meeting with the Directors and/or Educators of Women’s Services Departments. I find out the educational needs or wants that would best serve their nurses and providers and establish a time frame to bring back the education. Most of the time, I’m invited onto the unit to tour their floor and meet with their nurses. With the information obtained from our meeting, I am able to create curriculum (with the help of my team) in order for them provide the most current and comprehensive care for their patients. The overall goal is to strengthen their educational foundation and provide them with as many tools and resources as they need. I strive to provide educational confidence to all that are involved in the healthcare of women and children.

This has been accomplished through simulations, lectures, and community education on the resources that OPRMC has to offer. Those resources include our Maternal or NICU transport team, antepartum services, teleMFM/teleNICU services and our Maternal Fetal Health Center.

The broader range of services allows us to offer our patients comprehensive care which will enhance their experience and outcomes. After meeting with hospitals, I can tailor classes, lectures, or simulations based on their needs. Every facility is unique and I like to make sure every educational offering is unique as well.

My goal in this position is to create a welcoming atmosphere for nurses to learn, ask questions, and feel empowered to provide the best care for their patients possible. I am not able to do this alone and have had incredible support from my friends at OPRMC in the Labor and Delivery, NICU and Pediatric Units.  

What is your work schedule like?

I work Monday-Friday, typically 8-4 but its flexible depending on the needs of the surrounding hospitals. I do travel almost every week and would anticipate travel to increase as the program grows. In 2019 I traveled to multiple conventions, such as the KHA Convention, EMS Symposium, NICU Symposium and the TCD Roadshow but most excited to present at the National AWHONN Convention this June in Phoenix.

Seabrin, thank you for all of you efforts within our community. I really appreciate the time you took to chat with me about your unique job.

Seabrin Jensen RN Perinatal Outreach Supervisor OPRMC. Seabrin.jensen@hcamidwest.com Facebook: OPRMC Perinatal Outreach

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