It’s Time to Break out the vitamin D!

I don’t know about you all, but when the days get shorter I start to drag. What I mean by drag is I become a miserable person and my family most likely wants to leave me. I HATE it when the night begins at 5:45pm. I probably have seasonal depressive disorder, that is neither here nor there…

The ANA has their “Year Of The Healthy Nurse” as their 2017 campaign. I don’t know if you all are members of the ANA but did you know they offer *FREE* CEU’s for members? They do! And this month’s focus is mental health wellness, which I am certain most of us nurses need! They are offering a webinar “Promoting Self Care: Emotional and Mental Wellbeing“November 15 at 12:00. What a great way to obtain CEU’s while helping ourselves.

How many of you How do you all deal with the time change and general winter blues?


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