Job Spotlight! Jenny McMahan RN, Pediatric Cardiology Nurse at The University of Kansas Hospital

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Greetings and meet Jenny McMahan, a pediatric cardiology nurse from the University of Kansas Hospital!

“I was 19 years old when I began my nursing career as a PCT on a medical surgical floor at a large trauma hospital. I floated to many different units, but primarily spent my time taking care of post operative patients. I would say wholeheartedly since I began my nursing career, I’ve never doubted this is how I will spend the rest of my life; caring for others.

I then obtained my LPN degree and 1 year later my RN degree. I found my way into the cardiology world and found myself very intrigued by how much there was to learn in this specialty. I worked with adult cardiology patients for 2 years and then found my absolute passion, pediatric cardiology. I’ve been taking care of pediatric cardiology patients for going on 7 years now. These kids are my world. I am there when families get the devastating news their baby, toddler or teenager has a life threatening heart defect or condition. I am also there when we can give loved ones the news their child no longer requires cardiac care because they are healed. I am there every step of the way for my families and give them the reassurance that they will receive the most compassionate care from our cardiology team. I care for my little patients like they’re my own children.

I get the opportunity to fly to our outreach clinics within the state of Kansas to serve our pediatric cardiology population who are unable to make the trip to Kansas City. The pediatric cardiologist and I pack up our supplies for the day and take off in a private KU jet to travel to our patients!  We fly to places such as Salina and Hays, we also drive to Manhattan for our patients. We see patients who have just undergone cardiac surgery, routine follow ups and new patients establishing care. Our patients get echoes and EKG’s just like they would coming to the hospital for their appointments.

Working in a teaching hospital I get to work alongside not only 4 wonderful pediatric cardiologists, but medical students and residents. Every day brings us new challenges and we all collaborate together to meet the needs of our patients and their families.

I truly believe I was placed in this role because these families need me, and I need them. ❤️”

Jenny McMahan, RN
Pediatric Cardiology KuMed



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