As if our jobs weren’t hard enough…

Source, The Washington Post
Where do I begin with this story? First off I will say I am so lucky to never have experienced anything like this scenario in my life. I hope I never have to experience this. My heart sank for this nurse as I watched the video. I imagined her going into her shift, like she had done many times before. How she works so hard as a floor nurse, most likely doing a 12 (or 14 really) hour shift, or maybe she came in as extra staff that day. I thought about how many patients she took care of that day, how she may have skipped her breaks or not been able to use the restroom due to the busyness of that day. And you know what? She was AMAZING! She was so professional and I have to say I do not think I would have kept my cool like she did. She handled everything so well and I have the utmost respect on how she handled this tough and unnecessary situation. Our jobs are SO HARD! Hard enough juggling the patients, time management, prioritizing, advocating, and a lot of the time, serving others. I am thinking of her tonight and will follow this story closely. I hope she is doing OK and that she knows she has SO MANY NURSES in her corner. Us nurses stick together, the camaraderie is real people. I hope she is taking a break from the stress and that she feels the love from her fellow nurses.

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