Me as of Late…

So as I am just coming up for air after returning to my school nurse gig for year number 3! Having the summer off is amazing but I tell you, the time is gone in a blink! I want you all to know being a school nurse is not just placing bandaids and giving hugs. First off, I work in a middle school so its more like eye rolls and teen angst. Secondly there are many serious health conditions in a school setting. We are the ONLY medical professional in the building. That in itself is a huge responsibility. We have everything form diabetics to SVT to mental health. You really have to be top of your game. I know there are some schools ¬†that only have a health aide. I can’t even imagine this. You have to use serious critical thinking nursing skills in this job. I have learned so much about coordinating all kinds of entities in this role, and I am grateful for that. This job has given me a whole other range of skills to add to my nursing journey. I hope you all are doing well in your journeys as well.


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