Job Spotlight! Brianne Fallon BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM Clinical Education Specialist

I want to feature our Kansas City rockstar nurses in our Job Spotlight! If you know of an amazing nurse or have a unique job and are interested in being featured please email me at

For our first Job Spotlight please welcome my friend and former colleague Bree Fallon:

“I was PCT in the float pool my senior year of nursing school and was having a terrible time deciding what field I was really meant to end up in. I received my capstone assignment in Labor and Delivery at a tertiary facility in KC. I didn’t really enjoy my OB clinicals, but thought I would at least give it a try. I never expected to love it.

I have been hooked on perinatal nursing since day one. Obstetrics is a unique field in which the nurse is expected to wear many hats and also has quite a bit of autonomy. On any given day I may have been assigned to triage, the high risk antepartum unit, caring for a labor patient, circulating a cesarean in the OR, stabilizing a newborn, or even floating to Mother Baby or the NICU. I truly loved each and every part of it. My first year out of nursing school, I had what the unit jokingly referred to as “the cloud.” I witnessed a number of obstetric emergencies and felt unprepared as a new grad to handle them. My team would always swoop in and seamlessly save the day as I watched and learned in awe. I soaked it in and was constantly asking, “Why do we do this?” and “What if this happens?”

To this day, I love learning. As I gained experience and was mentored by the talented, seasoned team of nurses around me, I felt an obligation to mentor the nurses who were new to the floor. I was drawn to opportunities where I could learn and grow professionally as a nurse. My career took a different trajectory in 2013. I had taken an agency contract for a local hospital and was informed they were looking for a Unit Educator and was encouraged to apply for it. Moving to an education role has been an amazing experience. I have had the privilege of working with both new grad nurses as well as nurses who graduated from nursing school before I was born. I continue to learn something new from them all each day. The wealth of knowledge and experiences each unit possesses is equal parts rich and humbling.

Getting involved with my professional organization has been one of the best decisions of my career. I have met pioneers in the obstetric field and have been afforded opportunities I never could have imagined. Last year I was selected as part of a small group of OB nurses to advocate for Zika funding on Capitol Hill! Nursing continues to be a field without limitations, and we are the most trusted profession in the United States for a reason. I have loved my career as a nurse thus far and am excited to continue on my journey!”

Brianne Fallon BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM
Clinical Education Specialist-Women’s and Children’s
System Education Saint Luke’s Health System

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